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Singha OK Dinghy World Championship 2013

Rule 42 penalties

Protest time limits:

OK Dinghy
Date: 5 April
Time: 15:52

Protest Hearing Schedule

# Race Protestor Protestee Witness Decision/
Rules Scheduled Panel/
4 9 AUS730 AUS727 GER618, NZL531, NZL535 AUS727 approached the wing mark on starboard with six boats inside overlapped. AUS727 gybed to port to enter the zone. AUS727 did not give the inside overlapped boats including AUS730 mark-room and broke RRS18.2(a). AUS727 is DSQ. The inside boats are exonerated from breaking RRS14 by RRS 64.1(a) RRS14, RRS18.2(a), RRS 64.1(a) 05-04-2013
3 5 AUS760 POL27 NZL546 AUS730 Two minutes after the start, AUS760 was on starboard and POL27 was on port. Both boats were on a collision course. AUS760 hailed starboard twice. AUS 760 had to tack to avoid a collision with POL27. POL27 broke RRS 10 and 13. POL27 is DSQ. RRS10,RRS13 03-04-2013
2 4 GBR2151 Race Committee Kevin Wilson Redress granted. GBR 2151 not OCS and finishing place stands good. Race Committee admits it called wrong sail number. Three boats were OCS of which only two were identified correctly: GER782 and DEN 1364. START, RRS29.1, RRS62.1(a) 01-04-2013
1 1 AUS735 Race Committee Kevin Wilson Redress denied. No improper action or omission by Race Committee. In fact Race Committee was complying with RRS 34 to move finishing mark back into correct position. RRS62.1(a), RRS34 31-03-2013